Making the right impression since 1887.

Our Story

Niagara has delivered over a century of crispness and freshness to those who take pride in how they look. Many would celebrate an achievement like this. Not us. Not even close. We’re never satisfied. Because we practice what we preach. We press on.

Pressing on is exactly how we got our start. In 1887, Charles and Friederich Lautz were running a successful soap and laundry detergent company. They were at the top of their game. They could have stopped there, but they didn’t – they pressed on in order to deliver even more freshness to the world. That’s when Niagara was born.

We didn’t just enter the market during our first few years. We changed it. Our company thrived and served as a pillar of the community in Buffalo, NY. It boosted the local economy. It supported many charities through its philanthropic efforts. It made an impact – both on the clothes it touched and on its community.

Several decades and acquisitions later, Niagara now resides in Kansas City. While our headquarters have changed, and some of our products have evolved, one thing remains: we continue to deliver the best to those who want to look their best. We always make the right impression. Simply put, we press on.

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Like many companies dating from the Victorian age, Niagara issued a number of colorful advertising trade cards from the 1880’s to about 1910, and they continue to be bought and sold as collectibles.

We didn’t just enter the market during our first few years. We changed it.


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