How to Iron a Shirt

Every shirt has the potential to help you look sharp. But the question is, are you doing what it takes to help it live up to its stylish expectations? We can help with that. We’ve broken down all the different elements of a shirt and how to properly iron one. So break out the ironing board and let’s get going.



1. Collar

Use spray starch on the entire collar and iron, smoothing out puckers as you go. Want to avoid creasing? Simply start ironing from the ends and work your way toward the center of the collar.


2. Cuffs

Spray and iron the cuff on the wrong side for protection. (Spray starch helps protect fabric from soil, stain and wear.) Spray cuff on right side and iron, smoothing any creases or puckers.


3. Sleeves

Lay the sleeve flat on the ironing board along the bottom of the sleeve seam. Spray the entire sleeve and iron. Turn the sleeve over, spray again and iron as you smooth out any unwanted creases.


4. Yoke (Shoulders)

Place the shoulder portion of the shirt over the narrow end of the ironing board. Smooth flat, spray and iron.


5. Placket (Button Holes)

Spray and iron on the reverse side of the placket (button and button hole areas) to smooth facing fabric. Turn the shirt over and spray and iron the placket area, being careful to iron around the buttons.


6. Shirt Body

Holding the shirt toward you, place one side of the shirt front on the ironing board with the shoulder portion over the narrow end of the board. Smooth flat, spray and iron. Move the shirt away from you to the next section to be ironed. Continue this process until the shirt is completely ironed.


7. The Final Review

Now it’s time to inspect the results and touch up any areas you may have missed. Wrap things up by placing the shirt on a hanger and admiring your work.



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