How to Read a Clothing Label

Wash warm. Use low heat. Bleach as needed. If you’re not checking your clothing labels, you could end up damaging some of your favorite go-to pieces. Having trouble decoding exactly what all those icons mean on your tags? We’ve got you covered.

Clothing Labels

bleach-bleach_when_needed Bleach when needed
bleach-do_not_bleach Do not bleach
bleach-non-chlorine_bleach_when_needed Non-chlorine bleach when needed
dry-do_not_dry Do not dry
dry-do_not_tumble_dry Do not tumble dry
dry-drip_dry Drip dry
dry-dry_flat Dry flat
dry-dry_in_shade Dry in shade
dry-line_dry Line dry
dry-tumble_dry_gentle Tumble dry, gentle
dry-tumble_dry_normal_high_heat Tumble dry, normal, high heat
dry-tumble_dry_normal_low_heat Tumble dry, normal, low heat
dry-tumble_dry_normal_medium_heat Tumble dry, normal, medium heat
dry-tumble_dry_normal_no_heat Tumble dry, normal, no heat
dry-tumble_dry_normal Tumble dry, normal
dry-tumble_dry_permanent_press Tumble dry, permanent press
dryclean-do_not_dry_clean Do not dry clean
dryclean-dry_clean Dry clean only
dryclean-low_heat Dry clean, low heat
dryclean-no_steam Dry clean, no steam
dryclean-reduced_moisture Dry clean, reduced moisture
dryclean-short_cycle Dry clean, short cycle
iron-any_temperature_steam_or_dry Iron any temperature, steam or dry
iron-do_not_iron Do not iron
iron-do_not_steam Do not steam
iron-high Iron, high heat
iron-low Iron, low heat
iron-medium Iron, medium heat
wash-do_not_wash Do not wash
wash-gentle_or_delicate Wash, gentle or delicate
wash-hand_wash Hand wash
wash-machine_wash_cold Machine wash, cold
wash-machine_wash_hot Machine wash, hot
wash-machine_wash_warm Machine wash, warm
wash-permanent_press Wash on permanent press
wring-do_not_wring Do not wring



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